Our goal is to provide testing and vaccination opportunities for employers and employees to increase safety and confidence in the workplace. We provide effective COVID-19 protection solutions for employees to enable a safe and quick return to work in the new normal.

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DNA4GOOD was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing effective solutions for personalised prevention to protect health. The foundations of our approach are high-quality analyses, digital processes and professional implementation. With the onset of the pandemic, we have expanded our services to include protecting health from COVID-19 infection. At the core is our digital solution for comprehensive COVID-19 management of all "3Gs": Vaccinated, Convalescent and Tested. Following our approach, we additionally offer high-quality antigen and antibody testing, as well as our all-round testing and vaccination service for operational testing and vaccination programmes. The Corona pandemic has raised our awareness of the need to protect our health.

"Only with transparency about individual Covid-19 status is targeted management possible."

Patrick Hofmann, Managing Director DNA4GOOD


Dipl. Kaufm. Patrick E. Hofmann

Founder & Managing Director DNA4GOOD Scientific Wellness GmbH

Jörg Ansorg, MD

Founder & Managing Director Medical Education MEDU plus GmbH