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More health and fitness through DNA-based intestinal flora analysis.


Strengthen the immune system with a healthy intestine

Our immune system is closely related to the state of our intestinal flora. Whether we feel powerful or exhausted, optimistic or depressed, the so-called "microbiome" is the deciding factor. This microcosm of about 1000 bacterial species has about 150 times as many genes as the human in its cells. And it works like our second brain: a total of around 100 billion bacteria from different strains control central bodily functions from within the gut. They regulate our metabolism and digestion, strengthen our immune system, protect us from harmful bacteria, help with stress management, regulate our weight, and ensure a radiantly beautiful skin.

The balance of the bacteria matters

Our intestinal DNA is only capable of doing this complex work if the type and number of bacterial strains are in a balanced relationship. Because only then do the different types of germs support each other in their effect. Humans with a large number of germ strains with a so-called probiotic (health-promoting) effect create an optimal protective shield against pathogens. They suffer less from allergies and intolerances and feel much better than people with under-represented probiotic strains.
A microbial imbalance can even cause severe discomfort and disease. Obesity, diabetes, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and depression are, according to recent findings, in close connection with a disturbed intestinal flora. The intestine and brain thus form an axis that we can positively influence by optimizing the intestinal flora.

Obesity increases health risk

Are you overweight? In that case, you probably have a deficiency of the so-called "good" bacteria in your gut. This species is called Bakteroidetes. Unlike their antagonists, the Firmicutes tribes, they can't digest dietary fats as well. This is what makes them become a decisive factor in weight control. They support the weight loss process and also fuel our metabolism. Read more about this topic here.


Analyze intestinal flora, compensate for weak spots

A healthy gut is key to a better quality of life and joie de vivre. As specialists for Scientific Wellness, we orient all measures and programs for intestinal rehabilitation based on current scientific findings. DNA4GOOD brings together sound medical and scientific expertise in the field of microbiota. We work closely with leading scientists and universities and follow current research projects. Our programs are based on three pillars:

  • molecular analysis of the microbiome in our partner laboratory
  • personal advice in medical centres of competence and practices
  • personalised dietary plans and dietary supplements
We have the best microbial analysis currently available through our partner laboratory, the DNA specialist BIOMES. The DNA-based self-test analyzes all relevant intestinal bacteria - a quantum leap compared to classical analytical methods such as the Petri dish, which is substantially less significant than our test procedure. Using state-of-the-art biotechnology, our DNA test breaks down all microbes as quickly and reliable as no other process in Europe currently. The self-test kit is available directly from our co-operating physicians and therapists. It is equipped with cotton swabs, a sample container, a stamped return envelope, and instructions. The test can be done comfortably and discreetly at home.

Detailed consultation with your doctor or therapist

About two to three weeks after submission to our partner laboratory BIOMES, you and your doctor or therapist will receive the analysis results as a PDF report. This is followed by a detailed personal consultation with your doctor or therapist for the long-term optimisation of your intestinal flora.

How DNA4GOOD works

Purchase of the test kit

1: Purchase

You will receive the DNA4GOOD self-test kit from your doctor or therapist. He records your data confidentially.

2: Tests

You perform the self-test at home and send the stool sample to our partner laboratory BIOMES in an enclosed envelope.

3: Evaluation

You and your doctor or therapist will simultaneously gain access to your analysis and arrange for a personal consultation appointment.

4: Consultation

Based on the results, your doctor or therapist discusses your current microbiota profile and develops an individual DNA4GOOD program to optimize the gut flora.
Follow-up tests

5: Follow-up Tests

Regular repetitions of the self-test serve to monitor the success of the measures.

DNA4GOOD for better health and quality of life


Basic-Program / Starter Set


inkl. MwSt.

  • Analysis of your microbiota by means of self-test
  • Detailed doctor's advice based on the analysis results (report)


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Patrick E. Hofmann is the founder of DNA4GOOD Scientific Wellness GmbH in Hamburg. This combines medical and scientific know-how in the field of the microbiome. The talk is about precision nutrition and what this can mean for the individual...

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Are you interested in our DNA4GOOD programs? We are already working with medical care centres and practices in various cities. There you will find competent contacts who will support you with our programs on the way to a sustainable intestinal rehabilitation.

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