Intact intestinal flora beats diet

DNA4GOOD is the safe way to the desired weight

The intestine determines our silhouette. According to recent studies, our weight or propensity for diabetes is closely related to the nature of our intestinal flora. When the type and number of bacteria - the microbiome - are out of balance, involuntary weight gain often occurs. Blame is usually an overhang of so-called Fimicutes bacteria. They ensure an optimal utilization of all nutrients – and thus build up additional fat and energy deposits in the body over time. While they were vital to survival in early times in food shortages and famines, these thickener bacteria have lost their importance in today's hedonistic affluent society. On the contrary: we want to eat well and extensively, only the food should not start. With DNA4GOOD you can reprogram your intestinal flora.

How to keep the yo-yo effect at bay with DNA4GOOD

It is therefore important to strengthen their opponents: the Bacteroidetes species. They can only use food fats poorly and at the same time drive the metabolism. Diets, on the other hand, often have the opposite effect: they lose weight for a short time, but are caught up in the yo-yo effect. For fear of further food deprivation, your body evaluates even the smallest amounts of food with Hille of the Fimicutes-Bacteria Army. Although you eat less after the diet to maintain your weight than before, you increase faster. Reason: The fat-producing bacterial strains are juxtaposed with too few "slimming" bacteroidetes battalions. With DNA4GOOD you can reprogram your intestinal flora. They strengthen the "slimming makers" and thus reduce the influence of the "thickeners" in the intestine. In this way, you can support your body automatically and naturally in weight loss. In combination with sport and a targeted dietary change, you can speed up this process in a visible and tangible way. We look forward to giving you advice!