COVID-19 protection for your employees

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Our goal is to provide employees with testing opportunities to strengthen safety and confidence in the workplace. We offer effective solutions for COVID-19 protection of employees to enable a safe and fast return to the daily work of the new normal.

"First of all, it's about protecting our employees. We have laid a foundation here, we have a system. And we need to keep our business going. That's what it's all about."

Axel Kröger
Managing Director Konrad Zippel Spediteur GmbH & Co. KG
Foods with a positive effect on the intestinal flora, the microbiome


Infection protection of employees

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in an unprecedented global lockdown. A life-threatening shock that has changed the workplace and will have a lasting effect. The risk of another pandemic is a new reality that affects all areas of life and work. The negative consequences of the worldwide lockdown exceed all economic crises of the last decades. There is a time before Corona and a “new” Normal with Corona, in which the protection of employee health is central. We offer effective solutions and high-quality products for working safely in the new operational normal.

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Foods with a positive effect on the intestinal flora, the microbiome

Strengthen the immune system with a healthy intestine

Our immune system is closely related to the state of our intestinal flora. Whether we feel powerful or exhausted, optimistic or depressed, the so-called "microbiome" is the deciding factor. This microcosm of about 1000 bacterial species has about 150 times as many genes as the human in its cells. And it works like our second brain: a total of around 100 billion bacteria from different strains control central bodily functions from within the gut. They regulate our metabolism and digestion, strengthen our immune system, protect us from harmful bacteria, help with stress management, regulate our weight, and ensure a radiantly beautiful skin.

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"There is no absolute safety with COVID-19.
It's about doing the best you can.'

Patrick Hofmann
Managing Director DNA4GOOD


Since its establishment in 2019, DNA4GOOD has been offering individual molecular analyses in conjunction with medical advice. The aim is to enable effective, personalized health care with the help of high-quality tests. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Germany in March 2020, we have also developed solutions for the health protection of employees in the new normal. Today, our solutions serve to "protect" against COVID-19 infections and "prevent" by preventively strengthening the immune system.

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